Yup.... that's me… albeit a few years ago when I was in my prime. ;)

Yup.... that's me… albeit a few years ago when I was in my prime. ;)

About Jason

While I usually had a camera on hand since high school, it wasn't until the birth of my first daughter (Joanna) in 2002, that I began to realize the importance of photography. Shortly after her birth, I bought my first digital camera and remember taking dozens and dozens of photos every day.

A couple of camera upgrades later (oh... and the birth of my second daughter, Gabriella, in 2007 and my son, Mason, in 2011), with the encouragement of my wife, Michelle, I decided to start studying the art of portraiture and taking a stab at professional photography. Dabbled in family portraits… tried my hand at weddings/events… even did a little product photography over the past decade. Through all of that, I found myself happiest when I was one-on-one with a face in front of me, working with them to create a headshot for whatever their need was.

Thankful for everyone in my life that has helped me grow to be the person and the photographer I am today and am excited to help everyone that sits in front of my camera so that they too, can put their best face forward, creating a fantastic first impression whether personal, professional, or performance.

Some portraits/photos of my wife and family that have supported me all these years, giving me the time and encouragement to keep pushing forward.

About JKE Photography

Formed in 2008

Awards / Certifications

Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) since 2010

Organizations (current and prior)

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) since 2009

Professional Photographers of Washington (PPW) since 2010

Seattle Professional Photographers Association (SPPA) 2008-2011