B&W Studio Invitational Session Details

If you are reading then, then you have shown interest in a B&W studio portrait session with me as I explore this new style, and by the way… THANK YOU!!!!  Now that summer has come to an end, school schedule solidifying, one mother is on the mend from surgery and the other done with moving into a new home, I can FINALLY get serious about scheduling these sessions.  Having received a ton of interest and 30+ sessions to schedule, I’d like to simplify it a little and bulk ask all of you a few questions to help me with some of the basics as to what I can look forward to when we get together. But first, some background information:

  • While this is a “home studio”, it’s actually a two-car garage turned permanent studio with hardwood flooring, wall to wall drapery, and a heavy-duty heater if we are shooting in the colder months.  Here’s an older photo to give you an idea as to what to expect as to the space (I have more lights/modifiers/backdrop options since):  
  • Photography, while something that I’m passionate about, is not my full-time profession.  As such, I do have a day-job that keeps my busy most M-F, 8-5, and a family that I do like, so I will only be scheduling these sessions once or twice a week (so my boss and my wife don't kill me) :)
  • At the heart of these sessions, is a desire to be more creative with lighting, create more dramatic portraits, and when there are multiple individuals (which is desired) is a chance to capture the relationships between them, instead of the usual “Look at the camera and say, CHEESE!  For example, I love how this image makes me feel how much they love their baby girl!

What you can expect with our session:

  • This is a style of photography that technically is more difficult that what I’m used to.  I’m sharing this in advance so you know to bring your patience as I work through understanding how to execute the various lighting patterns to achieve the look I’m working towards.
  • Whether the session is for an individual, or a family of four, I’m promising up to 5 digital portraits sized at 8"x12"x150dpi (1200x1800 pixels) with a release form so you can print as much as you want, up to that size. 
  • The portrait session will likely take at least an hour, possibly two hours.  I’m sure I’ll need the time to work through a variety of different compositions and styles.
  • After our session, I’ll probably pick a favorite, edit it and post it quickly, tagging you.  This image will have my JKE Photography ribbon.
  • About two weeks after our session, I’ll message you a link to your “proofs” gallery where you can select your digital portraits.  Please note, its preferred that you do not make your selection from a mobile device as I’ve not discovered a way for you to know which image number you are asking. 
  • When delivering your images, I’ll provide both with and without a logo.  I would LOVE it if you were to use the images with the DISCREET logo when posting on any social media (and when you do, would love a nod to “JKE Photography” and tagging me so I can share in the love.
  • Most importantly, I will NOT be charging anything for the session OR the 5 digital files.  IF you want to receive more than the 5 images, I will sell them to you for a discounted rate of $29/each.  Also, IF you love an image so much that you really want to print it larger than the 8”x12” you already are able to, then I’ll work with you to make that happen at a discounted rate.  I will not be encouraging either scenario, nor will I be trying to “sell” anything to you.

What I would like for you to bring to our session:

  • Bring dark clothes.  This style is the opposite of bright and cheery (don’t presume dark and depressing, but more subtle, soft, and dramatic).  I would prefer that all members bring dark, solid shirts (guys… black v-neck t-shirts are perfect!).  The more simple the clothes, the more the face and expressions have impact.  
  • Bring someone, or multiple someones that you have a relationship with.  Spouses, significant others, children, pets, are all welcome because I REALLY need the practice to pose multiple people.  If you can’t bring someone to be in the session with you, then it would be great to bring someone as a chaperone (especially if I don’t know you).
  • Bring patience.  I’m venturing into territory that I’m not perfectly comfortable with and will need to take time to get it right.  Please don’t come to the session expecting everything to flow like clockwork.  It’s not.

Below is a form containing questions I'd like for you to answer to help me schedule our session.  Thank you in advance in all this!  My hope is that this page helped prepare you for our session but if you have anything else that you'd like to share with me that I'd might like to know, or additional questions, please let me know below. 

Cheers and looking forward to hearing back from you!

Name *
Phone Number
Phone Number
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Who will I be taking portraits of?
Who will be the subject(s) of the portrait session?
Chaperones *
If you are the only subject of the portrait session, do you plan on bringing a chaperone (which is highly, HIGHLY recommended)?
Model Releases
Are you willing to sign a model release so I (JKE Photography) can include these images in my portfolio, post online, and possibly compete with them? (Failure to sign a model release will likely delay in scheduling a session until those that do sign releases are done)
When can we shoot? *
When is everyone involved (generally) available?
In addition to the relationships between individuals, I believe this type of session would be fantastic for those who want to incorporate a prop/object that's special to them. Maybe the musician wants to bring a guitar? Or an athlete wants to bring a ball, or their gear? Artists... let me know what medium you work with. :)
Please provide additional information that will help me plan our portrait session, such as ages/genders of those attending, special requests, Instagram tags I can add, etc...


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