Crossfit Nine Specials

- Limited time offer -

Free sessions to CF9 coaches/members (while they last)

I'm offering three free sessions corresponding to my three portfolio galleries and will be updating this page with how many are left and/or when they are no longer available:

  • Headshots - 0 of 3 free sessions available
  • Children - 1 of 3 free sessions available
  • Families (including Couples) - 0 of 3 free sessions available

As I try to do with each and every session, I especially hope to with these free sessions, the following:

  • Post one or more image on Facebook and tag anyone/everyone possible to increase visibility of my page.
  • Add image(s) to the portfolio here on
  • Have the option to use an image in local/national/international photography competitions

(note - I never sell any portraits to stock photography websites)

- Permanent offer -

50% off session fees!

Whether in-studio or on-location, headshots for one or multi-generation family portraits, all sessions fees are reduced by 50% for any member of the Crossfit Nine community.  Full details of all sessions can be found here, but please note that with there is no print credit associated with a reduced session fee. 

While the session fee may be reduced, your expectations shouldn't be. Click here for my thoughts on the value of family portraits and click here as to why I feel headshots should be professionally created (there just aren't too many places where the 'selfie' is appropriate).

25% off products (digital and physical)

In addition to offering of 50% off session fees, all products are 25% off.  This means that:

  • Digital Portraits retailing at $49 would only be $36.75. 
  • 16 x 20 Canvas Gallery Wraps retailing at $299 would only be $224.25
  • etc..

Recognize these faces?

Here are some portraits of fellow Crossfit Niners and their own words describing our session.


"Jason helped to calm my nerves about getting my portrait taken and suggested how I pose to get a good portrait. When I saw the results of the shoot I was ecstatic, I've never really liked photos of myself until I saw what Jason took." - Kira Piccirilli (Crossfit Nine member)



"Our family had a wonderful time taking our family portraits with Jason. He had the kids laughing and enthusiastic to be themselves for pictures. The location Jason picked was exactly what I was looking for. We look forward to family pictures again. " - Rachel Brassel (Crossfit Nine trainer) and family


"Jason Evans has been a member of CrossFit Nine for the past year. He has truly blown us away with his natural talent and genuine passion for photography! Capturing the true beauty in every photo. Thank you Jason for working with me and creating true art with your incredible gift!" - Keri Arvidson (Crossfit Nine owner/trainer)

Have any questions?

Drop me an email at or contact me through this page.