Creating Family Mementos through Family Wall Portraiture


Imagine that this is a portrait of your family.  Your mother and father.  Your brothers and sisters and their children.  Due to life being what it is.... everyone keeps in touch, but you don't get together as much as you used to.  Weekends are filled with the kid's games, birthday parties, church activities, yard work, etc.  Or perhaps everyone is in different parts of the state and only get together for those very special occasions.  How much joy would you get being able to walk past this portrait hung in your home, something that you can look at everyday. 

Or maybe this is a portrait of your family.  Can you image walking in your front door and seeing this image framed and hanging over your mantle or couch? Being able to stop and look at your beautiful family and that feeling of love and pride that you have for them?  When was the last time you had a family portrait taken?  How much have the kids grown since then?   


When I meet with families to discuss and design the family portrait we are going to create together, I think about my family and how important those portraits are to me.  My goal is work together and at the end of it all, find a way to help get a family portrait hanging somewhere in the house.  Living room, Family room, hallway, office.... it doesn't matter.  Through my own family, I know how much my own children have loved seeing family portraits up on the walls, seeing a bunch of smiles and feel pride in seeing themselves with the ones they love.

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