Improving first impressions through professional headshots

Professional headshots have the power to improve first impressions in many ways.  Think about all the various online profiles that exist today.  When you go to someone's Facebook page, I bet you immediately look at that person's cover photo and then their profile photo.  I know I do!  When someone sends me a "friend request", their profile photo is the first thing I check out.  Same with online dating websites!  I can speak from personal experience as I met my wife through  I know that as I was going through the process of making dates, sending and responding to messages, that everything had that person's profile photo right in front for me to "put a face to the name".  I'll admit that my wife's profile stood out more than the others because of her beautiful smile and great photo...... only to learn later that she hired a professional photographer specifically for her profile photo. worked! :)

But not just social media and dating websites.  Professional networking sites like LinkedIn, alumni sites such as, or even internal business/corporate directories.  Let's face it... your face is everywhere!  Now I know there are plenty of websites and blog articles that will give advice as to how to take professional-looking photos and I don't know about you.... but have you tried it?  While their advice usually is fairly accurate, the execution of it is another story.  Getting the lighting right.... understanding the proper angle to convey the right feeling.  What is it you want viewers to feel?  That you are friendly and approachable?  How about confident and knowledgeable?  You only have one opportunity to create that first impression.  I guess the best question is:  How important is it to you? 

I have worked with many individuals with different needs.  Some wanted a more relaxed feeling, so we'd shot on-location with casual attire.  Some wanted a traditional, corporate headshot.  It's important to me that I understand why the headshot is needed so we can work together to create something EXACTLY what is needed.  Feel free to check this portfolio to see more headshots to get an idea of what I've done in the past and if you are curious to learn more about what this might cost, click here.