Special "KickStart-Me" Portrait Sessions (limited offer)

Only 40 sessions offered for friends only!!!! (so act now and DON'T FORWARD THE LINK!!!)

Well.. the time as come.  After over eight years of using the same camera body and lenses, I've decided to re-invest in the business, refresh some hardware (making myself more competitive and ensure the highest quality portraits to my clients) and you all can benefit from it!  I've decided for my local friends, I'm going to offer, in a kickstarter fashion, 40 discounted mini-portrait sessions with a perk I have never provided before.... FULL-RESOLUTION DIGITAL PORTRAITS!!!

(Sorry non-local friends.  Unless you wanna cover my transportation costs, I suggest you let this opportunity go) :(

Upon purchase of a special "KickStart-Me" session, I will mail a gift certificate to you (with all the details) and will immediately start working with you to plan your portrait session.  This does not mean that we have to schedule/shoot right away as you might prefer the warmth of the summer next to water, or the oranges/reds of the fall season.  I will just start the conversation to get an idea of who all will be involved, when would it be ideal, etc. These certificates will expire 18 months from purchase to ensure that not only the location, but environment is what you are hoping for or if studio is desired, it'll just be up to you as to when. 

For $149 (plus tax), you get:

  • A one-hour portrait session for as many people as you like, wherever you like (within reason)
  • 5 full resolution digital portraits with a full print release that you can upload to do whatever you'd like. Use these images on social media, print, create cards or even print wall portraits (many photographers REFUSE to sell full resolution digital portraits... or sell for HUNDREDS of dollars each).

As I said earlier, I'm doing this in a kickstarter fashion, so here is why I'm offering these sessions this way and where the proceeds are going.  The capital raised through these sessions will fund:

  • Purchase a new Canon 5D Mark IV camera body
  • Purchase a new Canon 35mm f/1.4L lens
  • Service my eight year old Canon 5D Mark II (to keep as a back-up, or as a second body)
  • Service my other portrait lenses to ensure the best/cleanest quality portrait possible.

Again... act now before these few sessions sell out and stating once again, please do NOT forward this link to anyone.  This offer is ONLY for my friends.

Got questions? Email me at Jason@jkephotography.com, drop me a Facebook message or call 425.766.4420.


Jason K. Evans

JKE Photography

Kickstart-me Photography Session

(Please note that this session is $149.00, with $14.16 sales tax added on) :)

Purchasing this session provides you with a voucher for a one-hour session either in-studio (5 family members, max) or on-location (unlimited individuals, additional fees may apply if distance is too great beyond Woodinville).  After the session, a secure proofs gallery will be available to select five (5) images to be processed and delivered as full-resolution digital portraits, along with a print-release allowing the purchaser the ability to print any size and any quantity. 

Additional images beyond the 5 included in this package may be purchased at this discounted rate of $24 per image as a part of this package only.

If you are interested, shoot me over a Facebook message, or email me at jason@jkephotography.com and we'll talk.

Thanks!!!  -Jason