Microsoft Employee - Special Session/Product Pricing

(Applies to active FTEs/Vendors/Contractors)

50% off session fees!

Whether in-studio or on-location, headshots for one or multi-generation family portraits, all sessions fees are reduced by 50% for any active Microsoft FTE, vendor, or contractor.  Full details of all sessions can be found here, but please note that with there is no print credit associated with a reduced session fee. 

While the session fee may be reduced, your expectations shouldn't be. Click here for my thoughts on the value of family portraits and click here as to why I feel headshots should be professionally created (there just aren't too many places where the 'selfie' is appropriate).

25% off products (digital and physical)

In addition to offering of 50% off session fees, all products are 25% off.  This means that:

  • Digital Portraits retailing at $49 would only be $36.75. 
  • 16 x 20 Canvas Gallery Wraps retailing at $299 would only be $224.25
  • etc..


Microsoft headshots sessions around campus!!!

I know availability can be difficult to come by so I try to take advantage of all the available locations around campus and can usually find a spot nearby to conduct a quick session but produce great results.  Here's a couple examples:

Erik Jensen (ejensen) - Portrait created upstairs at the commons

Eric Zajac (ezajac) - Portrait created outside the company store (building 92)

Nearby studio for a more traditional "Business Portrait"

If the style desired is more traditional, I have a home studio up in Woodinville (about 15 miles away from main campus) permanently setup that can meet these needs.  Here are a couple examples as to what can be created there.


Angela Moore (anmoore) - Traditional 'high-key' studio portrait

Jeff Peters (jeffpete) - Traditional 'low-key' studio portrait

Don't forget about your family, too!

When did you last capture this moment in time with your family?  When you look around your office, do you have something to remind you why you are working such late hours?  Or perhaps the reminder to close the laptop and get home in time for dinner?  Family portraiture is very important to me (talked about it in depth, here) and I can work with you to create that image you want to look at every day and smile, like these:

GerriAnne McMakin (gmcmaki) - Family portrait created at Seattle Arboretum

Megan Stobie (meganw) - Maternity portrait outside in a local field in Woodinville

I'm reachable via Lync, too!

While you can email me via to schedule sessions and make inquiries, you can also send me mail or IM me via lync at