BCS Mack Men - Daddy/Daughter(s) Date Night at Maggianos

Fellow Mack Men, thank you for helping make Saturday evening's "Daddy/Daughter(s) Date Night" such a success!  Bummer that we weren't able to get a lane at Lucky Strike, but making that up another evening won't be difficult.  Gabby and Joanna had such a wonderful time and is looking forward to seeing everyone again when we have our bowling night to finish the event.

For those that joined us at my place for portraits, here are the studio portraits as well as the rest of the images captured from throughout the evening.  Please enjoy with my blessing (you should be able to click on the image to make it big, then download to your computer.  Due to the volume, I was not able to process these fully as I do for clients, so these are basically 'proofs', but if anyone actually would like to print one, let me know and I'll do my usual touch-ups to complete the image (I just want to make sure that anything printed looks great!) :)

Thanks, again!  -Jason