Time to feed the artist in me.  Wanna help????

Every now and then, I find that something deep down in my soul begs to be fed.  I'm talking hungry!  FAMISHED! ABOUT TO CHEW OFF MY OWN ARM AND DIP IT IN BBQ SAUCE!!!!!  Well... you get the idea. :)

Took me a little bit to figure out what it was that was craving attention and it turns out that hidden behind my little engineering brain, I have a teeny-tiny artist that usually hides in a corner and is fed scraps, when scraps exist.  Usually it's just a used box of crayons, some dried up play-doh, and a disposable camera with 3 shots left.  Anyway.... that little artist has decided he's tired of taking the left-overs and wants to be let out.... like NOW!  So we've been talking, grabbing coffee together, going on walks, etc... and after getting through some arguments, he and I have decided that we really like creating portraits that may evoke more emotional responses... portraits like this:

Now I know that's not ultimately what my little artist REALLY wants to create, but it's a compromise.  What he really wants to create, is more like these (he likes more eye contact):

Where do you all come in?

I'm looking to play more in this studio/b&w portraiture space and see what I can do with it.  Maybe make it MINE and have this style become what JKE Photography is known for!  What I want to know is, if anyone wants to help me see what I can create in this space and be a model for me.  I'm looking for anything.  Women, men, couples, families, children, and maybe even pets.  Until I feel really comfortable in consistently creating images that move people and invoke some emotional response, I'm offering free sessions to come to my home studio in Woodinville and be test subjects.  From these sessions, if you like anything that's created, I'll let you choose 3-5 digital portraits that I'll polish and send you (details on that are here).

Some important notes:

  • This is my home that I share with my wife and children.  As a family man, I do not shoot anything (in the studio or on-location) that I would not be proud to show my family.  I do not shoot nude or implied nudity and the only time I have EVER asked a woman if she would bare more for the camera was because she was nine months pregnant and her husband (who looked like a linebacker for a local prison foot ball team) was standing behind me and I wanted the image to focus on her round belly.  I don't frown on those that do shoot these or pose for these styles of sessions, but it's just not my style nor support my brand.
  • As I did say "home studio", I would like to help ease any pre-conceived notions of taped backdrops in a living room.  My wife (God bless her soul) has allowed me to permanently convert our two-car garage into a portrait studio where we have added flooring, drapery, backdrop glides, and mounts for multiple 9-foot seamless rolls of paper.  Here's an older image of what to expect, shot from right outside the garage door (more ceiling mounts and lighting has been added since):
  • Chaperones are a MUST! (I can't emphasize that more).  Women, I encourage you to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife (and likewise for the men).  I'd love to shoot couples and practice capturing the relationships between them whenever possible.  If you are unable to bring a chaperone, I can possibly help with that by inviting a photography friend to be present, but I prefer you to bring someone you know rather than be around strangers.
  • I will not invite underage children to my studio (or any session) without both the parents consent and presence during the session.
  • Availability is limited.  I try very hard not to let my passion for photography infringe on my time with my family.  If you are interested, I'll try to find time to work with you, but it might not be right away.  At most, I will only be conducting one of these sessions a week and that might be a bit aggressive.  Also, as these are free sessions, I prioritize the processing of them last, behind other paid work and family needs.  Patience will be nice. :)
  • Speaking of patience, these sessions are for me to practice new lighting styles, poses, compositions, and other techniques that I've not tried before.  Please go into this knowing that I will probably not be the most efficient photographer you've worked with.  Also, I welcome advice from anyone, so don't be afraid to suggest something.  As you've likely been in front of the camera before, you probably know what looks good on you and I'm happy to listen.
  • I will be asking for anyone sitting for me to sign a standard model release prior to starting the session (I can email it ahead of time).
  • I will likely be posting images on my Facebook page and Instagram with my standard JKE Photography "ribbon".  For you, I'll provide images with and without a small and discreet JKE Photography logo that ideally, the images with the logo would be used when posting on social medial and tagging JKE Photography (Facebook) / @jkephotography425 (Instagram) when possible.  I do understand that logo-less images are needed sometimes and respect that. 
  • I encourage you to bring props!  Anything that you are passionate about and I would love to try to include them in the session (but please let me know in advance what you are bringing.

If you are interested, shoot me over a Facebook message, or email me at jason@jkephotography.com and we'll talk.

Thanks!!!  -Jason

More portraits that will give you an idea of where I'm likely to take our session.