Session Fees And Other $ Stuff

Let's be honest.  If you are anything like me, you are not in a position to make this statement:

"Jason, We LOVE the family portraits you create and have complete faith in you to capture our family beautifully, exactly how we want you to.  You don't need to tell us what it'll cost.  Here's a blank check.  Charge whatever you want to deliver what you think we need.  Thanks!!!"

Well.... if that is you... then here's my personal number, and while both my parents are still around... I'm sure there's room for me to be adopted. (Just kidding!) :)

Unfortunately, due to the ability to create any size portrait, plus the multiple styles, framing options, and all the other choices, listing everything here is just not feasible.  However, let me give you some insight as to what I charge for sessions and answer a few common questions.

Session Fees

Over the years I've handled sessions differently until I've arrived at this model, which I've discovered to be the easiest to work around and least complicated.  It's all around how many individuals are going to be in the session.

The Solo Session (for a single person):  $99

This is a 30-minute studio or on-location* session and is perfect for the person needing a professional headshot for any number of online websites (professional networking, social networking, dating profiles, etc). Included in this session is a single digital-portrait** for you to use for personal and professional use and of course additional portraits can be purchased

The Duo Session (for two individuals):  $299

Designed for him and her, or him and him, or she and she for that matter.  Notice.... there aren't any ages mentioned here. Parents wanting portraits of their two children, couple recently engaged or perhaps celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, any two will do.  Included with this 60-minute studio or on-location session fee are three digital portraits.

The Everyone Session (for three or more):  $499

For any group of three or more persons, this is the session for you all. Up to a two-hour studio or on-location session custom designed after meeting with you to discuss how I can help create your perfect family portrait.  Included in this session are five digital portraits.

Digital Portraits:

Yes, I do sell the files as "Digital Portraits".  For headshots, the need for the digital portrait is obvious and while my goal with family portraits is to help get images displayed on the walls of your homes, I also understand the desire to have digital versions of the portraits to share online, carry around on mobile devices, and yes, print personal copies as needed. For these purposes, I make "Digital Portraits" available for purchase at $49 apiece.  

Printed Products:

While any digital portrait purchase has with it a print release for personal use, there are three styles of printed products that I can work with creating for you.

Mounted Prints:

Professionally mounted with a firm backing, completed with a matte finish and ultraviolet coating to ensure the longest life of the portrait.    Sizes start at 4"x6" and go up to 30"x40".  Custom (and professional) framing is available, or these can be taken immediately to your local framer to finish before hanging proudly in your home.  Due to the finishes applied to the portrait, glass is not required when framing.

Fine Art Canvases:

If you want more of a classic look and feel to the portrait being displayed in your home, especially for the larger wall portraits, fine art canvas is a wonderful approach.  This portraits will be stretched across a 1" wood stretcher frame with a hand-applied lacquer brush stroke to give the image both an ultraviolet protection against sunlight as well as add an oil-painting feel to the image.  Custom framing is recommended so that the portrait is delivered ready to hang on your wall, however without frame is optional so you can work with a framer directly.  Sizes start at 8"x10" and go up to 40"x60".

Canvas Gallery Wraps:

My personal favorite style of wall-portrait is the canvas gallery wrap.  These portraits are ready to hang, same hand-applied lacquer brush stroke as with the stretched canvas, but with these, the portrait wraps around the wood frame meaning that additional framing is not required.  What this also does is eliminate the need to match the framing to your decoration styles so that over time, if the wall paint changes, or furniture is replaced, the portrait will still go well with the room.  Also, this style is very popular choice as it's extremely easy to create a wall collage of multiple portraits.  While sizes start at 8"x10" and go up to 40"x60", this style is extremely flexible to create absolutely any size needed to fill your space perfectly.

Have any questions?

Don't hesitate to give me a call at (425) 877-8366 or contact me.  I'd be happy to speak with you and help you and I determine if together, we can meet your portraiture needs.  Thanks!